How fit do I need to be?

You do not need to be especially fit to learn to fence. A basic level of mobility is all that is required however you will be required to participate in gentle warm up and stretching routines.

Fencing is also not advisable if you suffer from knee problems as there is some stress and impact on your knee joints.

Any medical conditions that we may need to be aware of should always be reported to a coach on arrival.


What will I learn on a beginner course?

We aim to teach up to grade level 1 on our 6 week courses.

You will be able to fence safely.We will explain the clothing to wear and how it should fit,you will also learn to understand the principles of foil fencing and fencing etiquette and you will be able to participate in a fencing match with an opponent.


What should I wear on a beginner course?

Normal trainers – not plimsolls.

Tracksuit bottoms with closed or taped up pockets.

T Shirt.

Also remember to bring plenty to drink.

Absolutely no chewing gum,food or sweets will be permitted during fencing.

Valuables should be left at home.

Glasses may be worn under fencing masks but can sometimes be uncomfortable.


My son/daughter has co-ordination +/or learning issues will fencing be suitable?

Yes, fencing is an excellent sport for developing co-ordination and concentration skills.

If in doubt speak to one of the coaches and come and have a go – if they are unable to participate we will let you know and refund any course fees at that time.


I can already fence – can I join and when should I arrive?

We are always pleased to see new fencers or visitors.

Only our normal nightly fee is payable on arrival.

The nightly fee does not cover the use of any equipment or coaching. (Some breeches are available to hire)

Junior and senior sessions for those who can already fence from 8pm to 10pm with electric fencing.

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